Bryant Park, an oasis in NY

Bryant Park is perhaps one of the most beautiful green areas in the Big Apple.

This park is located behind the New York Library, on Sixth Ave. between 40 St and 42 St.

It is surrounded by monumental buildings, the Bryant Park Hotel (former American Radiator) and the Bank of America Tower (one of the most modern and beautiful buildings in NY).



Once we go into the park, we will find lots of trees, flowerbeds with beautiful flowers, the grass perfectly maintained and numerous tables and chairs where many office workers rest at noon and a lot of readers enjoys the tranquility of the place.


Bryan Park sillas

Bryan Park Summer.

In addition, there is a beautiful carrousel and two different options to buy some food (Bryant Park Grill and Cafe).


Bryan Park Carousel.

Near end of year, the grass gives place to a huge ice skating rink, perhaps one of the largest of all Manhattan, whose use is also free (except for the skates rental).



As it could not be otherwise, there are public baths and free Wi-Fi, which makes this park the perfect place for rest, even for enthusiastic tourists who love knowing each point of this beautiful city.

Numerous cultural events are held throughout the year. On the official website of the Park we can find the agenda and more information about visits and tours.

Enjoying nature in the middle of so much cement has a special taste that it is worth it.

Travelling enriches our soul

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  2. Marina Bianco · agosto 28, 2015

    Muy biennnn!!! Cambiaste el formato. Para practicar, la leí en inglés. CLAP CLAP 🙂
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