Lunch on the riverbank in Tigre.

Saturday went to visit Puerto de Frutos, Tigre located, the tour will soon post dedicated

At noon we decided to go to lunch at Il Novo María del Luján, located at 611 Paseo Victoria, along the River Luján.

It is a very tastefully themed restaurant where the views are privileged nature through large windows and a superb terrace.


It is very well ranked in the most specialized pages which raised our expectations.

And is a pleasure to enter large windows overlooking the river, elegantly arranged tables and a beautiful terrace that becomes a jewel sunny days.

Il Novo Maria Lujan Terraza

Il Novo Maria Lujan Terraza

Attention was normal, without long delays and with great kindness, it was efficient.

The menu is varied (meat, fish, chicken, pasta and kids menu and suitable to celiac menu) and ended up opting for the following:

Il Novo Maria Lujan Panzotti

Panzotti Zuca: Stuffed pumpkin, amaretti and mascarpone cheese (with butter, sage and cherry tomatoes).


Il Novo Maria Lujan Trucha

Mediterranean trout: Stuffed with shrimp, ham, green onions, peppers, perfumed dry Martini and creamed spinach.


The dishes were plentiful, immaculately presented, with excellent ingredients and perfect doneness matter and came to the table at right temperature.

For children the option was Breaded steak with mashed and Filetto gnocchi. The portions were normal for age and were very tasty.

As for desserts (the children’s menu includes ice cream) we opted for the ice cream with raspberries and Custard Maria Lujan, both simple but exquisite.

The final value for two adults and two children ended up being quite reasonable for the quality offered in all aspects, with the final tally of AR$ 775 (U$S 80 aprox) (August 2015).

We left very satisfied and safe return as all the restaurants in the area is the only one who really is on the river, the other set up tables across the Av. Victoria, but the visual and Privacy difference is remarkable.

Il Novo Maria Lujan Rio

Il Novo Maria Lujan Rio

We recommend booking especially in high season because otherwise it will not be easy to find place.

As additional data the parking is a few meters from the main entrance (across the street) and is absolutely free.

Il Novo Maria Lujan Interior

Travelling and eating enriches our soul.

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5 comentarios

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  2. Marina Bianco · agosto 31, 2015

    Qué pinta esos platos!!!

    Me gusta

  3. asistenteviajero · agosto 31, 2015

    I’m really sorry Marina, thanks for comment everyday.

    Me gusta

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